Maledictus - Star Wars

STUDIO: Wolfandeer

VFX & SCENERY: Daniel Křižka

STUNT TEAM: Maledictus



We had a unique opportunity to create a virtual background for this truly varied theater performance by a Czech group of film stuntmen and a swordsman named Maledictus, whose premiere took place in the Netherlands. Our task was to put together the material for projection on the canvas, which was built as a background for actors at the end of the stage.

It was the first time that we could take part in this beautiful artistic genre and it was worth it. We've helped increase the budget, quality of post-production, visual effects, and create a spectacular and rich performance that lasted less than 45 minutes.


This was how the scenes with the canvas appeared. Short feature films were also part of the screening to complete the story and deepen the atmosphere.