- on the basis of 30 years of practical experience in the field of shooter training and the organization of prestigious domestic and international tournaments

- from long-term cooperation not only with statutory Czech sports federations ČSF - Czech Union of Full-Contact, CWF - Czech Wushu Federation and CUBU - Czech Union of Martial Arts, but also with cooperation with the largest European and world federations WAKO - WORLD ASSOCIATION OF KICKBOXING ORGANIZATIONS, IWUF-INTERNATIONAL WUSHU FEDERATION, EWUF - EUROPEAN WUSHU FEDERATION, ESDO -EUROPEAN SELF DEFENSE ORGANIZATION

- from the conceptual knowledge of club coaching, from personal 15 years of experience training the Czech State Sport Kickboxing Team and working with the best in different age categories in the relevant disciplines at World and European Championships

- from the leadership and elaboration of conceptual training and methods of self-defense of special army units of the Czech Army for close combat

- from the results achieved so far within the framework of the already 22 years of the project SPORTS AGAINST DRUGS AND CHILDREN'S CRIMINALITY, in which 19 REPRESENTATIVES OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC, among others, managed to acquire 7 WORLD MASTER titles, 14 EUROPEAN MUSIC titles and 100 MISTR CR titles in all age categories sporting kickboxing, self defense, and Chinese kickboxing SANDA


- to acquire and motivate new youth and junior talents, or to make their sporting performance more visible, with greater possibility of nominating them in the national team of the Czech Republic

- the fight against biological degeneration as a result of today's civilization processes and so-called "panacea" lifestyles in today's rather hectic times of computers and the Internet

- enlightenment of the philosophy of the DUAL PRINCIPLE - unity of the physical body with mind and mind

- Intensive promotion of the shooter sport sector by organizing the GALAVEČERS

- organizing 4th weekly workshops annually for broad public focused on various topics and with professional lectures eg on healthy lifestyle, preventive bases of self-defense in view of the current global security situation, groundwork of military training, including shooting of different types of weapons and first aid in crisis situations, etc.

- in the context of the universality of the LFL project, on the basis of practical experience, to build onworkshops and cooperation with another emerging HEALTH & WEALTH project, drawing on long-term own research, successful practical experience in other healthcare principles and everyday body care than using only standard medicine

- learning the basic principles of meditation and health - vitalizing exercises